Meeting the Needs of the Present Without Compromising the Needs of the Future

FRESHBAK, we collectively believe that we are stewards of the earth and that preserving and protecting our ecosystems and natural resources is our ongoing responsibility.

Our commitment to sustainability breaks down into four elements:

  • Recycling
  • Re-using
  • Energy & waste reduction
  • Research

We integrate these four elements into all aspects of our organization, expecting every employee to enthusiastically support these efforts and assist in improving our operations.

Partnerships that go Beyond Business

Beyond simply using our own knowledge and resources, we commit to partnering with our suppliers, customersand contractors to continually share methods to reduce our overall environmental impact – always keeping these efforts in alignment with our commitment to product and service quality.

An Ongoing ResponsibilityBecause sustainability is an evolving, ongoing process of improvement, we are always evaluating our existing programs and seeking new ways of doing things.We believe that commitment, expertise, clear objectives, employee participation and cross-functional leadership are essential keys to cultivating sustainability.