• Powder

    100% fruit powders are made from ground freeze-dried fruits and are available in a range of sieve sizes.

  • Granule

    Freeze-dried fruit pieces are natural, and versatile. Depending on your selection whole or broken bits and fruits with or without peel.

  • Slices

    Freeze-dried fruit slices are a natural and healthy snack on their own, but also add real fruit appeal to breakfast cereals, muesli and granola.

  • Whole

    Freeze-drying preserves the natural colour, shape and goodness of fruits and creates a light-weight crunchy product suitable for a range of applications.

  • Cube

    Freeze-dried fruit cubes are natural and healthy snack on their own. 3*3*3, 6*6*6, 10*10*10

Advantage Of Freeze- Dried Ingredients

Freeze-dried products retain much of the vivid color, piece identity, intense flavor and nutritional value of the original raw material.

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